Other Office Services

At Newton Executive Office Center, you pay only for services you need to use. The following services are available and billed monthly on an as-used basis:

Service schedule and pricing
Service Price

Live video conferencing available 24 hours a day call for pricing
Word processing/secretarial services $30.00/hr, pro rated at 10 minute increments.
Mail services (FedEx, UPS, Courier, etc.) Cost plus 20% (bulk mailings will be charged for additional clerical time and must be arranged for in advance)
Photocopies $0.05-0.15 per copy (plus clerical time if our staff makes copies)
Office Supplies Orders can be placed and delivered to your office within 1 day at discounted prices
Meeting planning and/or any other admin. services $30.00/hour pro-rated at 10 minute increments
Adding another person to your office $375/month per additional person

*Prices are subject to change with thirty (30) days notice